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The domestic carrier construction in dalian Reveal large carriers how to build

Date: 2014-12-10

Canada "han and defence review about China's first homemade nuclear-powered aircraft carrier has been built in dalian shipyard, ship hull unit assembly engineering preparations have been ready, once again come to the attention of the outside world on the process of building of the Chinese domestic carriers.How an aircraft carrier is built, which a few big steps in the whole construction process and need to experience?
At present, the construction of the national medium and heavy aircraft carrier generally adopts advanced modular construction process, namely "modular construction", through the preset process unit, and then by means of gantry crane hoisting directly on slipway, implement one-time combination, thus greatly compressed workload.Chinese carriers, for example, liaoning ship's predecessor - "varyag", its main hull by 21 components, each component is about 32 meters long, width is equal to the width of the hull, about 13 meters high, the whole components often weighs 1400 tons, while the carrier all the superstructure unified integration components for the 22nd.Build process, the carrier combining two direction from the keel of the lower hull, synchronization of violent.Look from the vertical, the hull is divided into two floors up and down, the deck for the hierarchical line 6.Day and night in addition to large section of the component, shipbuilding in the workshop assembly 1059 units, shipyard specially arrange professional installation section to assembly, and then through the crown on slipway, even weighs 100 tons and 120 tons of steam turbine and diesel generator unit to ship on the way.It is at this stage, the aircraft carrier flight deck is also in the component, in the process of the combination of a group form a continuous surface, only for subsequent outfitting.