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Dalian amber ski resort

Date: 2014-11-28

Amber ski resort is located in pulandian amber town, winter opened in 2003.The amber ski resort of intermediate runs 2, length of 200 meters and a driving range.Amber ski resort has carried on the comprehensive upgrade this year, an increase of 20000 new square meters large driving range and a snow slide and children's playground.Driving range newly introduced the 100 - metre - long walk ladder automatically, increase the number of automatic driving range walk ladder to two.Reconstruction of ski resorts to widen the original runs, runs after the area reached 120000 square meters.Safe, comfortable, fashion, is the greatest feeling tourists to amber ski resorts.Amber hot spring resorts ski slopes are hired Japanese experts to carry on the design and construction.Trail design reasonable, distinct, intermediate, junior road, driving range in order to separate, each other;40 ski resortssafety personnel in each corners of the ski resorts, all-weather, nanny care for the safety of the guest.
Tip: amber ski field is equipped with large restaurant, can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time.There are Chinese, Japanese buffet and team style to choose from.Cafe for ski resort, in you drink coffee at the same time, can appreciate the happy scene outside ski.Live amber hot springs resort is located in the town of amber, no polluting industrial factories and mines, the noise of traffic road, elegant environment around, the air is fresh.Distribution of hot spring hotels in amber, extensive, open-air hot spring, indoor spa, low and high.When do you want to underhill can also to the amber amber rural county of the capacity to choose and buy some local products.Like amber peasant small stupid, stupid chicken eggs, rabbits, pheasants, etc.