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Second - and third-tier cities hotel BBS closing is optimal "big chain" concept is positive

Date: 2013-08-13

Introduction: in recent years, the development of Chinese tourism booming, the personage inside course of study is expected, by 2020 China will become the world tourism power, it brings great opportunities to the development of hotel industry. In the past, most of China's hotel industry development BBS held in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, hainan, Qingdao, as a representative of the second - and third-tier cities in China as China excellent seaside tourism city, the hotel industry development have accounted for the top of the pack. The first two or three line city hotel development BBS BBS out of the north for the first time in the hotel industry wide first-tier cities, such as domestic hotel elite gathered in beautiful Qingdao, for the first time to discuss about two or three line city hotel industry's future development.
Recently, China's first two or three line city hotel development BBS successfully held in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. BBS "intelligence fusion, lead the future" as the theme, invited celebrities gathered in China's hotel industry in Qingdao, around China's second - and third-tier cities in the hotel industry development has carried on the extensive and in-depth discussions, many came to the "essence" of the development of the hotel.
Fusion of wisdom: the hotel industry authority of the parties to share their experiences
On the BBS, hotel authorities across the country in his speech, elaborated profoundly the industry development, share the years of industry experience. Condensate from the Hong Kong international communication group strategy director Liang Jie analyzed the entire network marketing and the combination of the second - and third-tier cities hotel industry, the network information age brings to the hotel industry new blood, the use of entire network technology in the second - and third-tier cities for hotel promotion, can significantly improve the effect of hotel marketing, for the hospitality industry in the complex environment in the lower-tier cities development has a positive role in promoting. According to hotel's mobile Internet marketing landing problem, Michael point net senior mobile Internet application consultants Li Donghang further detailed interpretation, micro letter, mobile Internet media, such as the mobile client thoroughly changed the traditional marketing model, in the face of this revolutionary digital evolution, the hotel industry need timely follow the footsteps of The Times, who will micro letter, mobile phones and other mobile Internet client into our marketing system, who will be in the huge market of second - and third-tier back on its feet. Talked about the evolution of the marketing model, three line city chain hotel is the guest and founder of optimal group President Ma Yingyao made a thorough analysis and put forward the feasible method, Ma Yingyao pointed out: "the Internet has changed the traditional marketing model, in the case of information explosion, in-depth analysis of consumer habits, excavate potential consumer demand, analysis of consumer behavior potential joint relationship, integration of industry resources, with the integration of information as the unity of the traditional marketing method reform, is the true way of hotel industry in the future."
Think about development: it is the guest optimal group President Ma Yingyao create a big chain system
BBS for second - and third-tier cities hotel industry marketing system has carried on the objective and comprehensive analysis, three line city hotel chain is founder and President Ma Yingyao group guest optimal revealed "big chain" system for the first time: "the members sharing, channel integration, diversification, political promotion of these four marketing mode through integration of information, a new system of large chain model was adopted, we must try to understand what is the nature of chain, form to remove the chain, chase to the core of the chain, this is the development direction of the big chains. In my mind, big supermarket chain system is a bit like, one-stop solution to all consumers purchasing. In the supermarket, shopping environment is graceful, the goods clear firm and shopping quality guaranteed. Big chain and a bit like ctrip, provide travel booking services around the country, but compared with ctrip, not only the price, service quality and after-sales service more assured, cover type is more complete." In when it comes to the forming process of big chain system, Ma Yingyao said: "in March 2009, it is optimal for the first time in China is put forward three line city is different from the first-tier cities economy hotel chain hotel concept. After four years of today, it is the guest best hotel chain stores nationwide population has exceeded 600, is currently China's largest three wire chain brand. So to speak, because it is optimal constant exploration and innovation, to find the three cities, the blue ocean. Today's big chain concept, is still the guest insist on the results of exploration and innovation, is optimal in lower-tier cities is the market demand and create a new marketing system."
Looking to the future: a line on secondary enrichment third line leisurely
According to reporter understanding, at present the development of Chinese hotel industry distribution is extremely uneven, as the main body star hotel, the hotel industry in China in 2012 star-rated hotels, according to data is only 3 three cities accounted for almost a third of the total, the number of first-tier cities star hotel number accounts for two-thirds of the total. If turned to budget hotel chains, seven days hotel chain in 20 Chinese cities (index according to the national bureau of statistics (GRP) accounts for more than 60%, the number of fast hanting hotels this proportion is more than 70%. As you can see, the first-tier cities in the hotel industry competition is intense, already entered the stage of "street fighting" elimination second-tier cities competition is unclear but has been relatively full, and as the huge number of three cities, the hotel chain that account for the proportion of less than 30% of the total, and with the speeding up of urbanization, this proportion will be increasing. Summed up in one sentence and the trend of the development of China's hotel industry, is "a glimmer of tragic secondary enrichment three-wire carefree", China's three line city hotel development of potential, belongs to the hotel industry a "blue ocean". Is guest optimal group President Ma Yingyao in an interview after the meeting pointed out: "according to what we know, three line city market potential is tremendous, will open up to three line city hotel is the trend of The Times. It is the guest best hotel chain, for one, it is the guest best hotel chain in the three cities is growing at the fastest in the industry, more than the home inns, and according to the current situation, after a few years outnumbered home is not a problem."