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Dalian accommodation strategy

Date: 2013-08-09

Dalian tourism is developed, so the complete matching of various grades of hotels, basic can meet the needs of different visitors. Luxury hotels such as shangri-la, Hilton, intercontinental and other well-known brand has taken root in dalian, house prices in 1000 yuan, generally around four five-star luxury hotel is located in dalian, prices are low may be in 300 yuan, also fluctuates in 800 yuan.
Dalian tourism season is obvious, so the prices are different. Busy season, dalian city ordinary hotel standard room price is in commonly 150-350 yuan, the low season in 100-100 yuan.
Domestic well-known 7 days, home inns, hanting, jinjiang star, green tree, motel, super 8, oranges and other economic hotel chain also has many branches in dalian, the price is in 150-250 yuan.
Dalian has a myriad of small hotels and guest houses, the price is cheap, season 100-150 yuan, the off-season 50 yuan, and considerate service, suitable for backpackers. In addition, many hotels can be flexible, especially when they are in the off-season.
As a tourist city, youth hostel is, of course, many tourists favor accommodation choice. One of the most famous beauty international youth hostel is dalian. More than $55.
Dalian along with a variety of family apartment, collect fees by day, more suitable for couples, family, or more live, because it is other people's house in the home, health, the environment is generally good, will be free. The price is in 150 yuan, also can to bargain.